Winikur Productions

Winikur Productions was formed in 2001 with the goal of using powerful stories to create engaging media. Our motto is simple.

Create. Educate. Inspire.


We are a full service production company, always striving to push ourselves creatively, using new tools to get our message across.

Video Production

It’s about the story.  We take projects from script to screen, doing all of the work in- house.  We’ve made every kind of video there is and love playing with production toys to create the most visual, engaging and effective videos we can.

What we offer
  • Project Development
  • Scripting
  • Production
  • Animation
  • Editing


It’s about the experience.  From touch-screen kiosks to augmented reality, we work with the latest technologies to deliver media in new and exciting ways to a diverse audience.  Each project is unique, and we love finding new solutions.

What we offer
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Hardware

Web Content

It’s about integration.  From websites to social media, successful web content requires focus on style, purpose and targeted delivery.  We don’t just think about the video, we think about how it fits into your broader web presence.

What we offer
  • Content Development
  • Websites
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Strategy
  • E-Learning

Some clients we’ve worked with


Featured Work and Case Studies


Drop us an email, we'd love to here from you! info@winikurproductions.com

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